Urgent medical attention

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 000 for an ambulance.


If your GP wants to admit you to hospital:

Patients of Sunshine Coast Cardiology with private medical insurance and cardiac cover, can be directly admitted to Buderim Private Hospital, via ambulance or GP referral, for any cardiac problem, including acute chest pain or heart attack.

Your GP can call Dr Kypraios and arrange a direct admission.

Your GP can call an ambulance to the surgery and send you to the Buderim Hospital Emergency Centre.

If you are a patient of this practice and you are taken by ambulance to any hospital other than Buderim Private Hospital, ask the treating doctor to call Dr Kypraios on mobile, through the Practice on 07 5444 6003 during working hours, or call the Buderim Private Hospital on 07 5403 3314 (Duty Nurse Manager) after hours, immediately for specialist cardiac treatment advice and support, and to arrange transfer to Buderim Private Hospital under Dr Kypraios’ care if required.