Interventional Cardiology

Dr Steven Kypraios has been performing angioplasty and stenting procedures on the Sunshine Coast since 2007, treating many patients with acute heart attacks, acute chest pain and unstable angina successfully with stent implantation.

With the generous cooperation of the Buderim Private Hospital and his cardiologist colleagues, Dr. Kypraios coordinates the 24 hour on- call interventional cardiology service at the Hospital, caring for privately insured patients with unstable coronary heart disease and heart attack.

Non urgent referrals for interventional procedures can be made by contacting Dr Kypraios through the Sunshine Coast Cardiology practice contact number, 5444 6003. Acute coronary syndrome patients can be referred directly by calling Dr Kypraios, or by transfer to the Buderim Hospital Emergency centre, 24 hours 7 days. Please specify Dr Kypraios on your handover correspondence to ensure a smooth referral process.

STEMI emergency patients should be urgently transferred to the cardiac catheterisation laboratory by calling 000 for ambulance attendance.

Dr Kypraios’ mobile number is available to referring GPs and emergency departments on request.