Prepare for your visit

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a consultation at Sunshine Coast Cardiology.

For any consultation

Waiting times: Please note that Dr Kypraios deals with with emergencies, and as such may be interrupted by urgent phone calls from other doctors or the hospital. While we do endeavor to stick to your appointment time, your patience and understanding in case of unexpected delays is sincerely appreciated.

What to wear:  We advise that you wear loose and comfortable clothing when you see your doctor. In most cases there will be a need to do an ECG or a physical examination. Specific advice on preparation for testing in the rooms is available in the patients section under Procedures and Tests.

New consultation

Prior to arrival: If you have never previously attended our Practice, our friendly receptionists will ask you who your referring doctor is and who your usual GP is (often your usual GP is also the referring doctor), whether you have a valid referral, and questions about your relevant previous medical conditions, medications, treatment and testing.

Please download and print out the patient registration form by clicking the button below, and send it to us in advance, or bring it in to your consultation.

Please ensure that you bring with you:

  • Your referral letter.
  • Your private health fund details, including your fund ID number.
  • A list of the medications you are currently taking, their frequency and doses.
  • A photo of your medication boxes or an app from your chemist may be helpful.
  • If you have a  pacemaker or a defibrillator implanted, we will need to see its identification card.
  • The results of any previous heart tests or procedures that you have had in the past and any letters from previous heart specialists you have seen, if available.

Review consultation

Medication list:  bring a list of the medications you take, or bring all of your medications with you for the consultation.

If you have had any hospital visits or procedures since your last visit, inform our receptionist prior to your visit and bring any results or other paperwork that you have been given.

Patient registration form