For Patients

Remember, you can choose your specialist and your hospital.

Buderim Private has an excellent emergency department, open 24 hours a day. So, you may choose to present to Buderim ED at any time. Also, if you are coming by ambulance, you can choose to come to Buderim Hospital ED.

Also, if you are a patient of this practice and you are taken by ambulance to any hospital other than Buderim Private Hospital, you can request transfer to Buderim under Dr Kypraios.

If you would like to be at Buderim, ask your attending doctor to call Dr Kypraios, on 5444 6003 during working hours. Also, you can call the Buderim Private Hospital on 5430 3314 (Duty Hospital Coordinator) 24 hours, any day of the year.

Sunshine Coast Cardiology aims to provide you with the service and care you expect and deserve. Of course, we are a comprehensive practice and provide all high quality cardiac testing on site including echo and stress testing. As a consequence, you do not need to go elsewhere for cardiac testing.

At Sunshine Coast Cardiology, we strive to treat you with care and compassion at all times. Remember, our practice staff are there to help you.  Contact our receptionists if you have any inquiries about your care, or your appointment.