Stress Echocardiogram

A stress echocardiogram requires specialised training and experience to perform accurately. Stress echo can be a very useful non invasive way to rule out significant coronary artery disease.

This examination is much more accurate (sensitive and specific) than an exercise stress ECG test in evaluating the likelihood of the presence of significant ischaemic heart disease, and prognosis, if used in the correct circumstances. This type of stress imaging test is appropriate for patients with intermediate to high probability of significant ischaemic heart disease. Your doctor will select which stress test is appropriate for you- Dr Kypraios is an expert at evaluation of ischemic heart disease and appropriate stress and imaging test selection.

In contrast to nuclear stress testing, stress echocardiography examinations do not expose patients to radiation.

A stress echo, involves taking specialised echocardiographic views at rest and again following treadmill exercise stress (Exercise Stress Echo, or ESE). Performance of an ESE at Sunshine Coast Cardiology allows a thorough clinical evaluation of patients, from the initial history, to resting echo examination, to direct observation of exercise performance, blood pressure, ECG changes and echo images during stress, and well as symptoms.

As an alternative to treadmill exercise in patients unable to walk on a treadmill, the heart can be stressed using an intravenous  infusion of dobutamine (Dobutamine Stress Echo, or DSE) , which acts like natural adrenaline to increase the speed and force of contraction of the heart.

All stress echo examinations are directly supervised and evaluated by Dr Kypraios, and all abnormal results are followed up with the patient and discussed with the referring doctor.

Exercise Stress echo is available as an open access GP referred test at Sunshine Coast Cardiology. Dr Kypraios is available to discuss the need for pharmacological (Dobutamine), Stress Echo with referring doctors at any time. If a referred patient is unable to walk on a treadmill, a dobutamine stress echo will be performed as a routine.