Buderim Heart Centre direct admission

This established, quick and convenient service allows you to organize an admission in one call, and has become popular amongst GP referrers since its commencement.

For STEMI, call 000. On arrival, the ambulance officer will call the Buderim Heart Centre on 1300 675 897 to arrange urgent transfer to Buderim Private and to activate the 24/7 on-call cath lab team.

For all other cardiac admissions, the Buderim Heart Centre Service allows referrers to directly admit a heart patient to CCU at Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, Buderim, under Dr Kypraios. Call 1300 675 897,  24 hours, every day of the year.

Your call will be taken by the Critical Care RMO at Buderim Private, who will take handover, organize a health fund check, confirm bed availability and accept the admission on behalf of Dr Kypraios in one call.

Examples of appropriate admissions by referring doctors directly to CCU at Buderim Private include:

Possible cardiac chest pain


Heart failure


If you would like to discuss admission with Dr Kypraios call him on mobile or reach him through the Practice on 5444 6003.