Mediterranean Diet With Olive Oil Boosted HDL Function: PREDIMED

In an article by by  Patrice Wendling February 13, 2017 appearing at,

more evidence was presented for the beneficial effects of a mediterranian style diet:

BARCELONA, SPAIN — More research suggests that a Mediterranean-style diet supplemented with either virgin olive oil or mixed nuts enhances the function of HDL cholesterol[1].
In a subset of 296 patients at high risk of heart disease in the PREDIMED study, cholesterol efflux capacity (CEC), the first step in reverse cholesterol transport, was significantly increased at 1 year compared with baseline in those advised to eat a Mediterranean diet rich in virgin olive oil (VOO) (P=0.018) or mixed nuts (P=0.013) rather than a reduced-fat diet.
In addition, both Mediterranean-diet groups had a trend toward improved antioxidant and endothelial functions of HDL, although the changes were statistically significant only in the Mediterranean diet–VOO group.
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