Ambulatory 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

A 24- hour Blood Pressure Monitor measures a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate at set times over a 24 hour period whilst she goes about her daily routine.

A 24- hour assessment gives a better indication of blood pressure levels than just one or two readings in the office. It can be a useful tool to accurately evaluate your blood pressure and guide correct treatment.

A blood pressure cuff is placed on the patient’s arm and connected to a small recorder that’s fitted to a belt around her waist. She will be required to wear the monitor for a full 24 hours. At set intervals throughout the day and night the blood pressure cuff will automatically inflate and record the blood pressure.

The patient is required to keep a detailed log of her activities each time the cuff inflates, making special note of any symptoms she may be experiencing.

All of the information obtained from this test is carefully evaluated by your cardiologist, who will provide you and your referring doctor with an accurate assessment.